Iridessa Blossoms

Iridessa Blossoms is a multi-talented international performance artist that stimulates audiences with her unique expression and artistic concepts.  Her signature style is broad, diverse and ever-changing.  She is the producer and founder of Poppin’ Cherries and Eclektic~ Ka and owner of Creative Motion Dance.  When she is not lighting up the stage you can find her frolicking with fairies!

As a teacher Iridessa is so patient and sweet.  She is able to break things down so that everyone can get something out of the class.  She creates an atmosphere that is non judgmental supportive and encouraging.  Her classes and workshops are accessible to women of all ages, sizes and abilities from teens to seniors!
Her choreography perfectly targets my problem areas, releases tightness, increases flexibility and the best part, reduces pain!  What’s more, it’s tons of fun!  Iridessa is crazy talented, but her teaching style is unintimidating and relaxed.  She is having a ball and so will you!