Pole Classes

We specialize in fitness-based pole classes where you’ll build strength, flexibility and self-confidence – all with a smile on your face! At Ophidia Studio, we put safety first and focus on your individual progression in a supportive group exercise setting. Whether you’re a cardio fiend, a yoga or Pilates devotee, or you haven’t exercised in years – there’s a class waiting for you here.

Intro to Pole Dance and Fitness 

Welcome to Ophidia Studio! This is the perfect class to start your pole journey! In the class, you will learn all about the studio, pole room set up, types of poles, what to wear, heels or no heels, grip aids, form, how many intro classes are right for you. You will learn foundational moves like a basic pole walk, dip spin, how to start climbing and much more! Class ends with a fun free style dance where you get to practice what you’ve learned independently. Wear shorts, or leggings that can be pulled above your knees, any time of top, tank top or t-shirt. Barefoot is great, bring heels or borrow a pair from our loaner pool. Be well hydrated prior to class, bring a water bottle and be ready to embark upon an amazing journey!

 Pole Dancing: Beginner

Get introduced to your new dance partner – the pole. Get in shape quickly through a variety of moves, spins, climbs and floor work. Strengthen and tone your entire body and improve flexibility and body awareness. As you progress, you’ll learn how to prep for inversion and more advanced moves. At the end of every class, you’ll be able to practice what you’ve learned, on your own during the free dance time.

Pole Dancing Routines: Beginner and Intermediate 

In routines class, you will learn a new routine each week using spins, climbs, floor work and transitions. Each routine is approximately 90 seconds and all levels are welcome. You will be able to practice your new routine at the end of every class during the free dance time.

Pole Fitness: All Levels

Pole Fitness is an amazing conditioning class that build complementary muscles to improve specific pole and aerial moves, followed by hand balancing, splits and flexibility training.  This is not a pole dancing class, rather a true conditioning and flexibility training class.  The instructor will teach you how to utilize your own body weight for strength training and will modify exercises to accommodate all experience levels and any specific areas of concern.

Pole Classes
Pole Classes

Pole Cat Friday

It’s Pole Cat Friday! This class is a 90 minute mixed level class, pole virgins and non-virgins are welcome! In this class we will work on pole foundations, complete with modifications and progressions, based off the weekly pole curriculum. If you are working on a particular move, please let the instructor know before class to see if that move can be worked into the class curriculum. As with all the classes at Ophidia Studio, it is important to stay connected with your own body and to choose your journey as it makes sense for you. Come have fun with us! Magic truly happens on Fridays!

Pole Dancing: Intermediate

In this class, you will perfect your inverts and climbs with control to make them look graceful and effortless. Each week will be a new theme that will help you widen your pole dancing range of knowledge and awareness. You will learn how to stay aerial for longer by learning how to combine more complex moves and spins plus learn more advanced floor work like bridges and shoulder stands. We will focus on muscle training and strength and flexibility.
Pre-requisite: Must obtain instructor approval.

Pole Dancing Routines: Intermediate

Intermediate routines is perfect for anyone who can invert. You will learn a new routine every week. The focus will be on moves learned in the beginner level plus intermediate spins and moves to create a 90 second routine. You will learn how to effortlessly transition into and out of each move to create a graceful routine then practice your new routine during the free dance time.

Pre-requisite: Must pass the beginner level and be attending intermediate pole dance classes, must have instructor approval.

Pole Dancing: Intermediate & Advanced

Intermediate and advanced pole dancing takes pole dancing to a whole new level! You will learn more advanced moves, spins and combinations that utilize expert level strength, flexibility and artistry. Moves and combinations that involve lifting your own body weight, creating memory and encouraging creativity will be learned. Each month will be a new theme that will help you widen your pole dancing range of knowledge and awareness.

Pre-requisite: Must pass the beginner level with instructor approval.

Pole Classes

Classes are co-ed. Please inform your instructor of any injuries or limitations.