Competition Training

Ophidia Studio is a Pole Sport Organization (PSO) Official Competition Training Center.

PSO logo bwOphidia provides a calibre of pole instruction that is able to equip pole dancers of any level for competition. We are proud to provide safe pole instruction, a fun and supportive environment, and coaching in dance elements such as flow, character, and musicality.

It does nothing to change our core mission of providing safe, supportive spaces for all abilities to learn aerial art. It does provide those who are wanting to explore the pole dance world outside of Boise a chance to challenge themselves, and make new pole friends from all over the country.

Our instructor (and holder of multiple competition titles) Kate E. Gaga is your Competition Liaison and main contact point for questions involving competitions and any related travel, fundraising, and information. Ask them next time you’re in the studio about our competition training sessions, performance review, and character coaching! All competition related questions and Coaching Session questions should be directed to All Coaching Sessions will be scheduled through Kate, to find the best match for each prospective competitor. You may also use this email to request access to the private Facebook Group specifically for Ophidia Competitors.

Click here to visit the Pole Sport Organization website.

Performance-related coaching options:

While all inquires should be routed through the Competition Liaison, competitors will have access to several Ophidia Studio Instructors for guidance, private lessons, etc. We will make sure to find the best match for you!

Three-Session Package: $125 ($41 per session!)

This package includes three hour-long checkpoints for your competition routine creation. While the sessions will be tailored to your individual goals, here is a sample of what these sessions may look like:

  1. Focus is discussion of goals, ideas, storyline, character. Assessment of level, spin and static comfortability, strengths, challenges. If performer has any choreography at this point, they will be expected to perform what they have so the coach can provided informed feedback and suggestions. Choreography outlining will begin here.
  2. Focus is putting choreography into the final format, making transitions smooth, and technical aspects of pole dance.
  3. Focus is on cleaning up any remaining rough spots, character building, costuming test run, musicality, and lines. Performer may also request makeup and hair guidance.

From the time the performer purchases the package up until the competition day, performer will be provided with their coaches contact information to ask questions, gain feedback, share triumphs, and celebrate a job well done in between sessions. We are committed to making this a fun, safe, and enjoyable experience for every student of any ability and skill level!

Performance Review: $50

This 75 minute session is designed to provide feedback and guidance on complete or almost-complete routines. While the session will be tailored to your individual needs, most sessions will include feedback on musicality, engagement, transitions, flow, balance of program, and suggestions for making specific moves stronger and cleaner. After scheduling your session, your coach will request information regarding your performance/competition as well as request a video of the routine so they can best prepare for your session and efficiently use the time you have paid for!

Pole Sport Organization Competition Info Sessions: Free!

These large group sessions are intended to give prospective competitors the opportunity to learn about and ask questions about the judging system, level requirements, and general rules. These sessions give you the opportunity to network with other competitors from your area, hear experiences of former competitors, and get excited about your upcoming performance! Individual coaching and individual performance guidance will not be provided at this session. Sessions are held periodically in the months before regional competitions.

Group Workshops: Prices Vary

Occasionally, Ophidia will host group workshops focusing on specific elements of performance, such as flexibility, musicality, character, extension, etc. These workshops are focused on group instruction on a specific element and building a foundational skill set for any performance. Individual coaching and individual performance guidance will not be provided at these workshops.

Kate E. Gaga, Competition Liaison

Contact Kate to learn more about competing at PSO at ophidiacompetitors@gmail.com11800263_10153080838686167_85807732496001335_n

Kate has always had a taste for making an audience cheer, laugh, and “ewww…”. As a performer and competitor, they* have dabbled in many interesting hobbies and art forms, including becoming a pirate at a renaissance fair, being a professional Hungarian folk dancer, developing a teenage drag king persona, coaching a collegiate synchronized swimming team, playing percussion in a bagpipe band, and memorizing popular music video choreography down to the last hip thrust.

*Kate E. Gaga identifies as genderqueer/gender non-conforming and uses the singular pronouns they/them/their.


2016 Idaho State Pole Dance Championship Honorable Mention
2016 Pacific Pole and Aerial Championships Bronze Medalist (Level 3)
2015 Northwest Aerial Art Championships Silver Medalist (Level 3)
2014 Pacific Pole Championships Gold Medalist (Level 2)
2014 Pacific Pole Championships Silver Medalist (Level 2)